Best anal sex position for men

The most important thing you need to perform the Burning Man is a table or sofa to lean on top of while your man remains upright behind you. To get set up in the Pearly Gates position, your man first needs to lie down on his back, with his legs spread apart only slightly with his feet planted to steady himself. Then, you get on his lap and wrap your legs around his hips. To get into the Bulldog, you simply need to get down on your hands and knees while keeping your legs close together. Learn more about the Viennese Oyster position. Your man can hold your body up slightly to make penetration easier. Check it out here to learn how.

Best anal sex position for men

Click Here to find out more about the Cross sex position. Discover more about the Anvil sex position. Click Here to find out more about the Bulldog position. You then need to sit down onto his lap while facing him so that he can enter you anally. Jockey If you like your man on top and in control when having anal sex, then you are going to adore the Jockey sex position. Learn more about the Sandwich sex position. The benefits of Missionary during anal sex are clear: Read more about strap-on sex. He can then wrap his hands around either your waist or under your thighs to help support you. Learn more about pegging. Depending upon the length of your legs, your ankles might rest by his chest, shoulders, or head. Your man starts by sitting and crossing his legs. All you need to do is straddle your man and lower yourself onto his penis. This might mean warming up with anal fingering or a butt plug. A partial erection may not make it past the sphincter muscles. In the Butterfly sex position, your man can lift your butt higher for a better angle. Click Here to find out more about the See Saw sex position. A nice pillow nest to lean into is good here, too. Because the anus and vagina are fairly close together, your man can simply aim a little lower for anal sex. Meanwhile, your man will be behind you on his knees. Your man can really pound you in the Bulldog position, and you can push back onto your man if you want. Burning Man Position If you enjoy your man being firmly in control, then you are going to love the Burning Man position. A similar position for anal sex might be more familiar and comfortable to you. Instead of being on the bed with you, your partner stands next to it, and you scoot toward the edge. For those of you with a big booty, try positions that spread your legs and cheeks rather than those that press them together. Viennese Oyster When you lie on your back and your man pins your ankles back near your head, it lifts your butt.

Best anal sex position for men

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