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Eventually, after licking her pussy for several minutes, my cock was rock hard again. The little slut clearly wanted it. Watching a pretty female caressing her stockings always excited me. I was already missing the sound of her cute Kenyan accent, the smell of her dark skin and the erotic expression on her pretty young African face as she gleefully climaxed on my hard cock. She had obviously dressed light to take advantage of the warm weather in the afternoon and had been caught out by the change in the temperature. She looked up at me smiling, teasing the tip of my cock with her tongue, before thrusting it deep down her throat.

Black girl white guy sex stories

A moment later, I groaned from an intense orgasm and spurted a copious amount of sticky cum on her face, mostly splattering her upper lip and nose. I leered down at her groaning with delight, caressing her dark hair with my hands. I steadily fucked her mouth and watched in delight as she sometimes choked on my cock, causing pre-cum and saliva to dribble from her lips and nose. I had been so concentrated on her panties and stockings that I had neglected her pert little breasts. Afterwards, I got dressed and Jessica went to freshen up in the bathroom. But she eventually stood up, causing her skirt to momentarily rise above her stocking tops again. I felt Jessica rub the length of my cock, sensing the coolness of her hands. She had very dark skin, a pretty nose with wide nostrils, full lips and shoulder length straight black hair. I let her hands go and nodded towards her skirt. My wife used to tease me, saying that Jessica had a crush on me. But before that, there was another fantasy I wanted to experience first. You are always welcome. I assumed her parents would be back soon and went into my house. I was already missing the sound of her cute Kenyan accent, the smell of her dark skin and the erotic expression on her pretty young African face as she gleefully climaxed on my hard cock. Then I turned her round and bent her slim body face down over the couch and pushed her skirt high above her waist. I rammed my cock harder and faster into her young tender pussy, causing her dark skinned buttocks to quiver back and forth under the momentum of my vigorous thrusts. As I got out the car, I could see that Jessica was sitting huddled on her doorstep. She opened her mouth and smiled up at me, eagerly waiting for my hot cum to shoot over her. I went into the lounge and sat on the long couch. I stood up and pulled her up firmly from the couch. The little slut deserved a good hard fucking and I was more than happy to oblige. I took her hands in mine. Jessica sat on one of the single chairs across from me. Jessica sat on the couch with her legs open, her skirt partially covering her thong. With one hand lightly massaging her pussy lips through her thong, I unzipped my trousers with the other and released my rock hard cock. Jessica sighed contentedly as she let me play with her panties and grope her firm hips and thighs.

Black girl white guy sex stories

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