Can i use coconut oil for sex

Most heart attacks are caused by inflammation. Statins that lower cholesterol may be doing the se, which would explain loss of cognitive performance among users. It also help with arthritis. Thank goodness I like the stuff. Apply the oil liberally to the affected area at least twice per day. Diluted Coconut Oil With this remedy, you just dilute extra virgin coconut oil 4 teaspoons with water 8 ounces. Be aware, I have yet to try the information for my wife and shall first try the cocoa-nut oil, so take the information with a grain of salt. Then big pharma lowered it so that they could make more money.

Can i use coconut oil for sex

These MCTs behave as carbohydrates in the body, which means that they are more easily digested and absorbed. Nutrition, vitamins and minerals, plus a good sleep pattern, exercise and a balanced life all contribute to our health. At that time, my community was the leading producer of castor oil in the State of California, and our water sources were extremely clean and safe; therefore, castor oil was inexpensive and readily available year round although it is still inexpensive, it is now only found on shelves during certain times of the year Now-a-days, our water supply is polluted for a variety of reasons — one being a foothill based community which permits the mining of gold requiring the use of toxic chemical which in turn are dumped into underground rivers flowing downhill. It helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. All of which can be beneficial in promoting proper digestion. You simply mix all these ingredients well and then blend them until they form a fine smooth. There are no studies that talk about how long it would take for the oil to vacate your orifices enough to make latex or polyisoprene a reliable barrier. It contains many nutrients that our body needs to prevent hemorrhoids. Refined goes through processes to sanitize it but those processes also destroy a lot of the good stuff. There are no studies on coconut oil as a lubricant. Fewer benefits, but reduced cost. Fresh, unrefined coconut oil smells like…coconuts. Apply coconut oil directly into the hemorrhoid area, rinse and repeat. Virgin coconut oil is recommended to use. Coconut oil makes an excellent massage oil. Dear God in Heaven! I have used castor oil successfully for the ailments described, more. My late father-in-law was sharp as a tack when he passed at age Why do I say most people in my community rarely contracted cancer, and when someone did, the person quickly applied the aforementioned remedy to overcome? Other doctors we spoke to endorsed it as safe as well and explained a bit more about how it is made. Doctors will get you to have an operation, if you agree; which strips your legs of the problem veins. You just drink coconut water 2 times per day, once in the morning and once before you go to bed to ease reflux. Eat small meals six times per day rather than consuming large meals thrice per day. It can help repair damaged tissue and also helps in digestion. Then big pharma lowered it so that they could make more money. Benefits of using coconut oil as lube As Dr. I worked in psycho-geriatrics for years.

Can i use coconut oil for sex

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Coconut Oil as Lube?

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