Dating violence and sexual assault statistics

Proportion of violence against the person offences recorded by the police in England and Wales which were flagged as domestic abuse-related, by age and sex of victims, year ending March 11 forces Source: Those aged between 16 and 19 6. The self-completion module provides a more complete measure of intimate violence victimisation and, as there are several differences between the coverage of the self-completion and face-to-face estimates, care should be taken when making comparisons between the two. The prevalence of sexual assault experienced by women in the last 12 months has not significantly changed compared with the year ending March 2. However this was not consistent with the legal definition of stalking, which states these behaviours need to occur on more than one occasion to be classed as stalking. This is partly due to the large decline in non domestic abuse-related violence by age for males, which declines at a faster rate than domestic abuse-related violence. Most of this change is related to stalking by someone other than a partner or family member the prevalence of stalking by a partner and stalking by a family member has seen little change over the time series, Appendix Table 4. As the police recorded domestic abuse-related collection began in April , it is not possible to determine how many crimes were domestic abuse-related prior to this date.

Dating violence and sexual assault statistics

While this chapter is focused on findings from the CSEW, it also includes some information from the police on domestic abuse. The Home Office are continuing to implement an improved data collection system called the Data Hub which streamlines the process by which forces submit data. This is in line with findings from the Crime Survey for England and Wales self-completion module, where women were more likely to be victims of domestic abuse than men. Prior to the year ending March , respondents were asked if they had experienced a number of different stalking behaviours. Since the year ending March there have been small, but not statistically significant, increases year on year. The decrease in the prevalence of domestic abuse experienced by men in the last 12 months will also have been affected by the change in the questions related to stalking See Trends in stalking below for more information. More information on the change to the questions and how the adjustment has been calculated can be found in the methodological note: Furthermore, CSEW estimates relate to the number of victims rather than the number of incidents. As domestic abuse is not a specific criminal offence, offences that are domestic abuse-related will have been recorded under the respective offence that has been committed, for example, assault with injury. Proportion and number of rape and sexual assault offences recorded by the police in England and Wales where the victim was female, and whether they were flagged as domestic abuse-related, year ending March Source: Figures from the face-to-face CSEW interviews therefore cannot provide information on the overall level of domestic violence experienced by adults in England and Wales. The prevalence of sexual assault experienced by men in the last 12 months has remained at 0. This allows the police to provide more detailed information to the Home Office enabling a greater range of analyses to be carried out. The prevalence of domestic abuse reported in the self-completion module is significantly higher than the prevalence of domestic violence reported in the face-to-face interview. This was due to a small error when the figure showing intimate violence experienced by women was also used for men. Trends in stalking Stalking has shown the largest decrease in prevalence of the different types of intimate violence, from 7. For women, as the age of the victim increases, the proportion of offences that were domestic abuse related tends to decline. Police recorded crime data are not designated as National Statistics Download this chart Figure 4. The term reflects the intimate nature either of the victim-perpetrator relationship or of the abuse itself. Back to table of contents 5. All changes reported in this chapter are statistically significant unless stated otherwise. The figures are too unreliable to report and these data are excluded from the headline CSEW estimates. The under-reporting of crime to the police is known to be particularly acute for intimate violence offences, with many more offences committed than are reported to and recorded by the police. The biggest difference between women and men was for sexual assault, with women nearly 5 times as likely to have experienced this form of abuse as men 3. Women also experienced significantly more intimate violence since the age of 16 than men, for all main types and sub-categories of intimate violence including family abuse non-sexual. The police supply data to the Home Office on the number of domestic abuse incidents and crimes they have dealt with in their force area2.

Dating violence and sexual assault statistics

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  1. This chapter therefore only provides statistics relating to the prevalence of intimate violence, with no additional detail on the nature of the incidents experienced.

  2. Some of the lower volume offences within violence against the person were proportionality more likely to be domestic abuse-related: Download as PDF 1.

  3. These figures are not National Statistics. Furthermore, CSEW estimates relate to the number of victims rather than the number of incidents.

  4. For the 3-year data set "in the last year" refers to the 12 months prior to interview and covers a 4-year recall period from April to March

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