First time sex on wedding night

It was almost just too over-whelming even seeing each other naked for the first time. Works almost every time. I spilled the entire bottle of lube in the middle of the bed. Sometimes it takes time for both parties to really get into it. Everyone has their own rules and boundaries and everyone has a Bible verse to justify this, that or the other.

First time sex on wedding night

What was worse was the next three years. It was almost just too over-whelming even seeing each other naked for the first time. We actually got walked in on by strangers while we were stripping in our hotel room because the hotel switched our room last minute and forgot to give the other couple a different key. It hurt for a second and it was over another second later. Fine, but some fumbling around. After the most glorious 13 minutes of the morning the national average we were ready to go out, explore the land and just walk around holding hands and chatting about what to do in life. Yet, after that one time, once a day, we were done. Repeat for a few days until finally BOOM! Not because of the sex. Have the uncomfortable conversation with your pastor, leader or mentor about your upcoming wedding night. I wanted it to be special and memorable, so we rented a really nice hotel room with a Jacuzzi, i bought a really nice white lingerie set, got a bottle of wine with two personalized wine glasses. However, she had some mental block about uncircumcised penises even though that had nothing to do with our religion. This resulted in a MUCH more pleasurable and pain-free experience for her. Thankfully, the first time went smoothly. It made it so memorable. Three weeks later I had my appetite back due to sheer joy and had gained 25 pounds in 21 days. Needless to say I had razor-burnt my wedding tackle right before losing my virginity. Our wedding night was awesome and hilarious. It only hurt on the in thrusts though so at least I had that going for me, which was nice. With my brand new wife. Perfected by Puerto Ricans. The Christian sex book said to try giving her an orgasm with my finger first; I rubbed her raw. The big problem that we have is that we were together for 4 years before we got married so we got really good at not having sex. I was a very plain 19 year old and he was 25 and never had the opportunity. We ended up doing it a couple more times throughout the course of the evening. It was a little awkward, but super exciting since it was so new and weird.

First time sex on wedding night

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