Getting Rid of the Double Chin

In life everything requires work and so does a double chin. If you have it then your neck looks shorter and fatter. Once your neck looks fatter, then there your body will look plumper than what it is. Then how do you get rid of double chin>. People always think that spot reduction is possible. However, spot reduction is a myth. If you want to reduce the fat in your double chin then you need to work on the entire body fat. Once your body loses weight you will automatically get rid of your double chin.

Sounds daunting? The idea of exercise is frightening? Yes, if you are one of those couch potatoes then the idea of moving and burning that fat which has been earned by years of slouching on the couch, then it is a tough job. However, it is not as difficult as it seems. The right kind of diet and exercise can make your body look slimmer and get rid of your double chin.

Before you jump on to your treadmill and start running, here are some important pointers that will aid you in your mission to get rid of the persistent double chin.

You need to remember that crash dieting would not help your double chin. On the contrary lack of essential nutrients will make your double chin more pronounced and visible. The most important thing is stop all kinds of junk food which feeds “your face” and not your body. If you feel like munching something, then munch on healthy stuff like greens and carrots instead of chips and fries. Increase your protein consumption with food items like fish and chicken. If you are a vegetarian, then you can whip a salad with vegetables like corn, peppers and broccoli.

In today’s sedentary lifestyle, exercise does not come easily to us. We have excuses like cars and bikes for not walking, lifts for not climbing the stairs and automated gadgets for not doing our daily chores. However, exercise is a sure shot method of reducing the double chin and getting that long and beautiful neck.  You should at least exercise for a period of 20 minutes for any fat to burn, since in the first few minutes, the body utilizes carbohydrates. Running and walking are the most convenient exercises which do not require any apparatus except your footwear. These exercises will increase your blood circulation, dissolve your body fat and help in getting rid of the double chin. However, before you exercise, do consult our doctor.

Another great way to reduce your double chin is by eating chewing gum. If you chew your gum for at least 20 minutes, it exercises your jaw and facial muscles and reduces your double chin.

If you are one of those who do not like exercising, then you can try liposuction or Velform chin wrap.  Chin wraps are quite effective in getting rid of double chin.

Getting rid of double chin takes time. Hence, in the meantime you can disguise your double chin by wearing turtle necks and appropriate hair style.



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