How much do sex phone operators make

I literally had to function with having multiple personalities while still trying to remember who I was at the end of my shift which was six hours max. Guys want to experiment switching sex roles right up until it's time to climax, and then they want to be dominant again. There are many smaller dispatch companies that will pay better but its always a toss us based on call volume and quality of callers. Some girls don't think they have a choice. Share with us below! The number of mothers pursuing sex work has recently increased by percent.

How much do sex phone operators make

Where this gets weird is that it's followed closely by the desire to hear the operator describe being ejaculated on and thoroughly drenched in man yogurt. I am sorry you have received a lot of stupid responses on here. Have a story to share with Cracked? Guys want to experiment switching sex roles right up until it's time to climax, and then they want to be dominant again. I left with a better understanding of self-worth and value. I answered the ringing phone to hear an automated cue voice letting me know what type of character I was about to become. He never really made clear whether the toe was still attached, or whether this actress was just kind of lying there while I shoved her toe into my unmentionables. I offer my regular callers things like free calls on their birthdays and I remember a lot of little details about them. One guy called on Thanksgiving while hiding in a closet and his family was elsewhere in the house. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Gaining entry to the secure building, I then pressed the elevator button to the third floor as instructed although 5 other floor options were available which till this day I have no idea what the floors contained , the doors opened and I arrived to a hallway with 3 doors. Many women deride it as a degrading activity akin to prostitution, but is it? Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. I won't go into specifics, because this is a comedy website, and I assume you didn't come here to weepily vomit a jet of black despair all over your keyboard, but trust me -- whatever horrors you're imagining aren't far off from what I heard come out of this guy's mouth. And yet guys insist women are confusing. Niteflirt is probably your best bet if you want to make the most money since you can choose what you want to charge your callers and earn more that way. The reality is a petite and softly-spoken blonde who seems as far removed from an insatiable, risque vixen as you can get. If I were to work as an actress and play a murderer or any other type of character its no different. I have been working as a phone entertainer for a few years and I have gone through more than my fair share of companies. Most companies will require you to put in at least 20 hours a week logged in for calls and expect you to stick to your schedule. I guess I expected to encounter some saucy, raunchy recording guiding me to my fate of becoming a phone fantasy girl. With a dispatch company the dispatcher takes all the credit card information so all you do is talk. There are companies like USA Chatlines that will pay as little as 7 cents a minute and up to 40 cents a minute based on things like hold times how long you can keep a caller on the phone on average and the number of calls you take. Typical pay for a combo company is 50 cents to 1. It included studying formulated worksheet guides, writing fantasy scenarios, studying pre-made scripts, botching calls as a newbie, and taking my imagination to limits I never thought possible. We've got plenty of insight into the oddjobs that millions of people work every day.

How much do sex phone operators make

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  1. I was surprised by how natural it felt to say such obscene words in a corporate setting without feeling any guilt or shame after.

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