How to get wetter during sex

And sex is painful. Estrogen is linked to the production of vaginal lubrication, too, so that women who have higher natural levels of estrogen, such as young women, tend to lubricate more easily and in greater amounts than women who have lower levels of estrogen. Once upon a time, I was a gusher. Do you have a story you want to share? Or — to make things feel tighter — you could exercise your kegel muscles during sex. In other words, your brain needs to feel sexy so that your body can feel sexy.

How to get wetter during sex

Pelvic floor exercises are useful for everyone. When we take our time then I get excited and get wet. Yoga, pilates, and Kegel exercises are all great and low-impact ways to increases blood flow to your yoni. On the contrary, your ample wetness is a sign that the both of you are on the right path toward sexual pleasure. It will soak up much of the lubrication; one of you will just need long fingers to get it out afterwards. Then, he could just paddle his thumbs as you ride him to sweet, sweet orgasm. My boyfriend and I of almost two years have been having this problem since we got together. What are some ways that you naturally increase you vaginal moisture levels? Or you could try Doggy Style, a position that makes it easy for him to just reach around and stimulate your clitoris as he enters you from behind. Vaginal lubrication largely comes through the vaginal walls, with the fluids having originally been a part of the blood that flows to the genitals and pelvic area during a sexual arousal. Okra is an overall superior moisturizer that your yoni will fall in love with. Envisage these muscles at the entrance to the vagina as if they are a horizontal version of the saloon doors in the old cowboy movies and swing them up and down. She is the author of several books about sex and love. Do you have a story you want to share? In other words, your brain needs to feel sexy so that your body can feel sexy. I commend you on your use of varying sexual positions. Shutterstock "Plenty of foreplay is essential. When looking for a sea buckthorn supplement make sure it contains the seed oil and pulp. And if your natural lubrication requires more than an occasional dab with a towel, you might find it helpful to insert a tampon briefly into your vagina to soak up the fluids and then throw it away. Not only that, but dry sex can make intercourse painful, and also increase the risk of transmitting STDs. In fact, he is feeling inadequate, and that is certainly not the case, and I feel worse about the whole situation. If you fill this in, you will be marked as a spammer. Wet or dry, an orgasm can be an elusive thing, indeed. Perhaps you are more easily excitable, find a wider range of things to be sexually arousing or get excited earlier in the process than some of your friends. It turned him on like nothing else. Identify the muscles you clench when you're rushing to the loo to pee.

How to get wetter during sex

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How to Lubricate Naturally and Be Wet, Wet, Wet!

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