How to give women good sex

First online in and a major paysite since , FTG has been the leader in porn for women for well over a decade. At For The Girls, we believe it basically comes down to any porn that a woman enjoys. We're straight and we like hot guys. The coital alignment technique is difficult to master but full instructions are provided on the link above. You need to change your approach. One good way, however is to reach the verge of ejaculation, and then to pull right out of your partner.

How to give women good sex

Stories typically offer a female perspective and focus on female orgasm. Many women say that man on top sex makes them feel safe and secure, and very often this helps them to melt into their feelings of being loved by their partner. A lot of porn sites depict sexual relationships in quite a dark way, with the woman often looking like she's not having a great time at the end of the usually very well endowed stud who's fucking her. On the other hand, if you're a man with a small endowment, then the sexual positions that give you the opportunity for the deepest penetration can be the most fulfilling for both you and your partner, in which case you might benefit by asking your partner to move her legs back. We hope that you'll find porn at For The Girls that will also appeal to your own tastes and desires. If this applies to you, then you need to be adapting your sexual technique and using different sex positions according to how long your erect cock is. But there is a sexual technique with the man on top in which you don't have to stimulate the woman's clitoris and which can help you to enjoy the woman's orgasm whilst making love. To get this area of his body over his partner's clitoris, after the man has entered her, he has to shift his body upwards so that these two areas can press together. In all the years that we've been educating and informing people about sex, we've never really seen a clear explanation of the CAT. For techniques to give you greater ejaculation control see www. The truth here, of course, is that deeper penetration may well activate her G spot if she is highly aroused, and cause her to orgasm more easily! Men who have a long penis need to find a sex position in which they actually can't thrust to their full extent: There's a lot of discussion about the phrase "porn for women". Man On Top Revisited The more the man supports himself above his partner's body, and the harder he thrusts, the more tension there will be in his body, and the more likely he is to ejaculate quickly. It's a more relaxed movement back and forth from the hips, rather than deep thrusting from the pelvis. And - make no mistake - that will be highly enjoyable, but again, it may make him come too quickly. So, whether you're looking for sexual techniques to help you start out in your sex life, or whether you're looking for techniques to make your relationship more passionate, exciting and fun, we can probably help you. We offer safe and secure credit card transactions, we don't host malware or spyware, we don't spam we won't even ask for your email address or give you popups! This is a different position to normal, and it's called the coital alignment technique. Check out a review of this program here. It just ain't the same for women. Another difference between us and some of the sites that you might have seen on the Internet is that we are all about making sex joyous and fun! Other sexual techniques which are variations of the man on top, but which don't allow the man to achieve very deep penetration, are the ones where the man is kneeling - see these in the pictures below. Faster ejaculation on the left, maybe? Usually, his legs are positioned between his partner's, although they can sometimes be placed outside her legs. Now, we ought to mention the question of penis size here, before we go any further.

How to give women good sex

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How To Make Good Sex To Please A Woman

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  1. Other sexual techniques which are variations of the man on top, but which don't allow the man to achieve very deep penetration, are the ones where the man is kneeling - see these in the pictures below. And if you simply want advice on how to get your ex back, you can get the information you need here.

  2. If anything else, this is certainly proof of how interested people are in learning about sexual techniques, whether they're in a long term relationship or not.

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