How to tell your parents you had sex

The timing and the way in which you tell them is important. Losing your virginity at the age you feel comfortable with is normal and totally okay. I learned these tips the hard way. Instead, she found herself listening to my phone conversation with my best friend, in which I mentioned my concern that my period was late. All of the above….

How to tell your parents you had sex

The benefits can heavily outweigh the disadvantages. Mom cried and said she could never trust me again. Uh, no, but they sure will try. When i broke up with my ex she was sad because she likes him, i do love him but he needs to grow up. Assure them that before you became sexually active, you and your partner talked about it. We stared at each other with teary eyes and angrily contorted faces that were beginning to soften. My grama then foud out and she is even more against having sex…they said that im only 17 i havent even started my life im dumb.. The other night i got very drunk and i kind of told the date and i called everyone by his name. Just when I was starting my life my parents do this to me. I know that their anger is coming from a place of love and protectiveness, but make no mistake: The timing and the way in which you tell them is important. You told me that I could come to you with any concerns I might have. My mom doesnt know I go to his place everyday after school. Just go schedule an appointment for a month from now with the nurse up front. A few minutes later, she and the doctor returned, and the exam started. Try to spend a little time with them and talk to them. I learned these tips the hard way. Me and her have had a rocky relationship for years now. We sat side by side saying nothing, waiting. And we promise to respect your perspective, thoughts, insight, advice, humor, cheeky anecdotes, and tips. You can make that decision! I am currently sitting at my desk at my job wondering how, when and if to tell her while at the same time freaking out inside and keeping my cool. We will not tolerate abusive comments, racism, personal attacks, or bullying. Nicole Im 17 and my mom looked on my twitter and saw that i was having sex.. If my mom knows I am with an older guy she will kill me. Tell them that you want to talk to them about something serious. Parents know a lot and can help in many ways.

How to tell your parents you had sex

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How to Tell if Your Parents Still Have Sex

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  1. If you feel you will lose trust with your mom, then you probably should keep it for just a little while longer.

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