I had unprotected sex what do i do

I've had unprotected sex quite a few times, and I used the pull-out method with my former partner. Jess Tyrer, 23, travel advisor Jess Tyrer: I've had unprotected sex with about 15 men, in relationships and casually, and I can say I've used a condom about three times. No, it's not safe for pretty much ALL women. I ended up saying I'd take a break and never went back. Pulling out is our main method of contraception. There was a definite change in my moods and when I wasn't sleeping, I was screaming or crying… it put me off for good," she says. Christopher Estes, MD, an assistant professor of clinical obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, recommends keeping it on hand in case of emergency.

I had unprotected sex what do i do

She has relied on the withdrawal method in the past and has had chlamydia , gonorrhea and one pregnancy scare. I had been on and off many different kinds of pill — because of moving around during my university years I wasn't able to settle on one. In the end my partner and I were happy for me to stop taking the pill. We're not all the same, so we can't ever talk about "safe days" that apply to all people who menstruate. Please mail me answer, also fast please. It may be that you don't want to stop to put a condom on, sometimes you may be embarrassed to ask your partner, or they may think that you have an IUD or are on the pill. So, one person's safer -- really, no time is "safe" to have unprotected sex if you don't want a pregnancy -- windows may be day one to day nine, and then again from day 20 to 28, while another person's safer times may be from day one to day four and then again from day 13 to day I ended up saying I'd take a break and never went back. Make sure that you follow up on your STD tests to find out the results. Using FAM as a backup with other birth control methods is something I'd advise for younger women, but that's about it. That young people engage in risk-taking behaviour will be a surprise to no one, of course, but what is interesting is that we're seeing such behaviours in those who are mature and responsible in other parts of their lives. I think some of the men would rather I had insisted we use a condom but didn't speak up themselves. Perhaps they'd be better off encouraging better conversations. Never in my whole time of sleeping with guys has one of them done it or offered. Anyone can buy Plan B and its generic counterpart over the counter, meaning you don't need a prescription although you may have to ask the pharmacist. In my group of friends, it seemed to be something that occurred accidentally or due to poor organisation. Emma Alfonso, 26, business owner, single Emma Alfonso: Jess Tyrer, 23, travel advisor Jess Tyrer: Most of my friends have admitted to having used this fallible and messy technique to avoid pregnancy, while some rely on it as their only method of contraception. If her periods aren't yet regular, even doing that charting won't be useful. Many, like Frieda, 27, are also wary of the pill. Every time I'd get a period it would just be like a green light saying, 'You're not pregnant! But that was more than five years ago. All you need to do is keep a few handy, and put them on gladly, without ever discussing when she may or may not be fertile. As monikers go, I have to admit it's not my favourite, but it does resonate. The links are powered by Skimlinks.

I had unprotected sex what do i do

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What should you do if you've had unprotected sex?

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  1. Well today, 19th November, she called me and said that her period repeats in days and she should have period now but she is not having. There's also the fact that the side effects of the pill are too much for some young women to bear.

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