Instructions on Making Wonderful Apple Crumble as a Dessert

English crumble with apples is among the most delicious dessert dishes around.

The Humble Crumble is a national treasure and by far the best in the way of afters! This classic childhood pudding is hot, sweet and yummy all the way through!

Follow these instructions for a quick and easy recipe:

1 Bramley apple

2 Cox’s


Brown sugar

Ground Cloves

Almonds all chopped up

Butter chopped into squares

Self-raising flour

Chop the apples and thoroughly mix with cinnamon, brown sugar and some ground cloves – weights and measures come with trial and error – remember recipes are just a guide!

Knead the chopped up almonds, butter squares, flour, sugar and cinnamon and more sugar into crumbs then press into the apple mixture, spreading all over the top. Pack it all down as much as you can.

Bake for 40 minutes at 200 and leave for ten before serving.

Other popular fruits often used in crumbles are blackberry, peach, rhubarb, gooseberry or plum. It is always good to make twice the amount and freeze a lovely pudding for a rainy day.

Crumbles became popular during the war rationing because ingredients could be stretched so much further. Strict food rations meant good old hearty English pies used way too much in the way of ingredients, thus, the crumble was re-created, evolving out of the traditional age old pie recipe.

Basic ingredients like margarine instead of butter, flour and sugar were just the things limited but available with rationing, plus fresh fruit. Thanks to the hard times people went through apple crumble is now the quintessentially English dessert and one of our most popular after dinner sweets; any traditional English restaurant in Covent Garden will serve such a pudding.

Savory versions aren’t so popular but are very similar using meat or vegetables with cheese replacing the sugar in the crumble mix.

Served with custard or cream isn’t apple crumble just the quickest and simplest pudding to have?



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