Keeping those vegetables fresh

Although most vegetables are inexpensive, it is wasteful to allow them to rot faster than they should. You can do a few simple things, easily and inexpensively, to help keep your vegetables fresher in the refrigerator.

First, always transfer your newly bought fresh vegetables to bags that have holes in them. There are specially made bags that will keep vegetables fresh, and these bags usually have many holes in them. You can poke holes in the bags that you used to carry your vegetables in, or you can buy these vegetable bags online or at a supermarket. They are somewhat expensive, but they will last you a long time with proper care, and they are usually reusable.

Make your vegetable crisper in your refrigerator as “vegetable-friendly” as possible. Line the bottom of the drawers with styrofoam or new paper towels. The paper towels should be quite thick, so that they can absorb the water that the vegetables naturally expel. If this water is not absorbed, it will raise the humidity of the crisper and will eventually create rot. It is a good idea to open your vegetable bin drawer at least once a day.

Do not keep certain herbs in your vegetable crisper. Instead, put them in a vase along with your other herbs, such as rosemary or dill. This will prevent them from getting bruised by other, heavier vegetables. Keep most of the “soft” vegetables outside, such as tomatoes. Even though tomatoes will last quite a long time, they can last much longer if they are kept in a cool, dry place.

Once you bring your vegetables home, put them in separate zip-lock bags, with holes in them, lined with new paper towels. Again, the paper towels should be thick. The towels will absorb the expelled moisture from the vegetables, while the holes will allow gases to be removed. Keep some kinds of vegetables in a cool, dry place, not necessarily in your refrigerator. Try to keep vegetables away from the sun (and heat) as much as possible, since this will increase maturity.

Keeping your vegetables fresh for as long as possible will not only help you incorporate more vegetables in your diet, but will also help save you money. As long as you keep these simple tips in mind, you can save more of your vegetables so that you can eat more of them!



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