Major Scandals regarding Jack in the Box

The San Diego based fast food chain known as “Jack in the Box” faced one major scandal. This scandal had sent shockwaves throughout the FDA and the meat industry. While this scandal had taken place back in 1993, it still makes us wonder about the burgers and sandwiches we order at just about any fast food restaurant. After this scandal, Jack in the Box is supposed to be the leader in food safety today.

This fast food chain had come up with the “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points” or HACCP. Now, all meats in the United States are legally bound to comply with the regulations of the HACCP. The major scandal that rocked the fast food industry had taken place fifteen years ago back in 1993. There were many cases of E. coli food poisoning as a result of eating undercooked beef patties from the Jack in the Box fast food restaurant.

This was isolated in Seattle, Washington and other parts of the Pacific Northwest. Some people had died from the food poisoning. Most of the people that died were children. Many others had become very sick from the undercooked patties. But, the blame was not solely on the Jack in the Box. There was blame towards the United States government as well.

Back then the minimum FDA requirement was that the meat patties needed was at 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Now, the minimum requirement is 155 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the one part of the scandal that had rocked the United States government and the FDA. As a result of the scandal, the FDA had to put new mandates on how meat is supposed to be cooked.

Jack in the Box was faced with many lawsuits which were quickly settled. However, there are still victims of food poisoning who continue to suffer. But, there is criticism towards Jack in the Box for its slow response to recall all the bad meat. The fast food chain is alleged to have known about the bad meat but had not followed standards of safe-cooking.

During that time, Jack in the Box suffered much financial damage. Shares of the fast-food chain’s stock plummeted.

Suzanne Kiner, whose daughter Brianne had fallen victim to the food poisoning, became a very vocal critic of the meat industry. Luckily, Brianne is still alive. However, the food poisoning has given Brianne medical complications. Brianne was only nine years old when she got the food poisoning.

Her pancreas was severely damaged by the E. coli bacteria. Brianne’s large intestine was messed in the process. For over half a year, she was hospitalized on the brink of death. She is still alive. Today, Brianne has to cope with having diabetes as a result. It is deemed a miracle that Brianne did not die.

An unnamed thirteen-year-old boy had to get dialysis and blood transfusions.

Overall, this was the only scandal. It was one scandal that rocked the entire fast-food industry and the United States Government.



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