My boyfriend hurts me during sex

For your health and well-being, and your safety, don't diminish that, even though it hurts to see it. But his being "okay" besides this doesn't make this okay. I don't know how to approach the subject without making him feel bad. In a way im glad to read im not the only one. I am usually really sore after sex and I have bled a couple of times meaning recently, not my first time which I know was normal. I take care of those closest to me, being family, friends, and coworkers. I know he would never hurt me intentionally. Xoxo Gigi Gigi Engle is a feminist writer, sex educator, and speaker.

My boyfriend hurts me during sex

Take care of you now. This is just something that I'm gonna have to figure out and work through. It could mean that he's testing the waters to see if you're ok with that sort of thing from time to time. The question is, does he care to control that? Idk if this makes a difference but he has a LOT of porn. He even started to choke me one time. The problem being the lack of communication in this process. No topic is off limits. Martins Press is forthcoming. He was very careful and he took things slow because he knew I wasn't used to it. He makes feel so on top of the world when he not mad but when he is he makes me feel so less of a person. Reply Asker So do you think I should sit him down and talk to hiM? What should I do? I know he would never hurt me intentionally. I certainly do not see continuing a sexual realtionship as an option at all. Hope everything turns out for the best. Sometimes it goes beyond rough and starts to border on violent. My advice to you is,just get rid of him,you can find someone better that will treat you with respect. I love him very much but when we make love he does it so hard I cry every time and I ask him to stop he will , but only for literally seconds. So my boyfriend and I have been having sex for a couple of months now. I would absolutely suggest couples therapy. His eyes are never open when we kiss. He has recently been acting so mean towards me and telling me what to wear and to work out more. This is borderline abusive behavior. Next My boyfriend hurts me during sex? What should I do?

My boyfriend hurts me during sex

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