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There are those who stop at nothing in search of the perfect cup of coffee. This might include growing their own coffee beans, roasting their own green coffee beans or trying various methods to brew their favorite beverage. There are various ways to brew that perfect cup of coffee. We are probably all familiar with […]

Kombucha tea is a fermented health drink. Used for centuries in the Orient, with a sour, refreshing flavor. Nancy Monson, writing in Alternative and Complementary Therapies, says “Kombucha tea has been said to improve digestion and metabolism, boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, enhance energy, positively impact the course of AIDS, multiple sclerosis and cancer, […]

Hosting holiday parties and dinners is a big part of the holiday season for many. There is a common fear among people who host parties. “Will there be enough food?” Often the host tends to overcompensate and has a large number of leftovers to deal with. There is certainly nothing wrong with leftovers. Still, there […]

Nutmeg is a nut that grows on an evergreen-like tree (myristica fragrans). The nutmeg is unique because it produces two different spices. The spices are in the two layers of the nut: The inside is used whole or ground and called nutmeg, the outer shell is dried and ground and is called mace. The nutmeg […]

Chicken Piccata is a divine and delicious dish. It’s casual enough to serve as a weeknight meal, yet jazzy enough to be served for a dinner party. I like to buy a whole chicken and cut it up myself; taking the breast meat and slicing it in half lengthwise to create two pieces out of […]

Certain nutritionists have long touted the potential health benefits of honey, and in recent decades, this has received several bouts of media attention. However, there is much more to the science of honey and honeybees than what is commonly discussed on the news! Historically, honey is one of the most fascinating foods in existence. It […]

Are you tired of skinless, baked chicken? Many people on a low-fat diet eat a lot of plain, baked chicken. However, low-fat chicken does not have to be low on flavor. My family loves spice and I have devised a low fat Southwestern Chicken dish that not only tastes great, but has very little clean-up […]

Jamaica has been famous for its rum production since as far back as 1655 when the British Naval fleet conquered the island and began dispensing local rum, rather than French brandy as the liquor ration to its sailors. Rum is styled as light or silver (clear), gold or amber (brown), dark or full-bodied, and spiced […]

British people take for granted that “bubble and squeak” will certainly play a part in their dining experience. It’s a British favorite, though how many people who eat this delicacy know of the history or the origin of the meal? Cooks who are familiar with British cuisine will also be familiar with the works of […]

I’ve been a fan of using Jamaican jerk seasoning in my cooking ever since I found a recipe for the stuff in a local paper. I used the seasoning on chicken and pork all the time, I loved it so much. Sadly, I lost the recipe. Finally found a decent replacement and came up with […] › A sex- & alcohol-inspired website