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A Thanksgiving feast is a blessing indeed! Of course, the first time one prepares this meal, the prospect may seem daunting. Here are step-by-step instructions for cooking a deliciously moist turkey with enough gravy to go around. This traditional recipe came from my New England grandmother, who always prepared enough food for a colonial army. […]

People throw out a lot of leftovers. Primarily because they don’t package it up properly so it sits open in the refrigerator becoming dry and unappetizing. Whenever you have leftovers put them in an air tight container or plastic baggie before putting them in the refrigerator, that way it retains its moisture and the flavor […]

Satay, possibly Indonesia’s most famous food export, is a dish which is enjoyed around the world by those with even the most conservative of tastes. The simple combination of exotic ingredients together with that household favorite, peanut butter, appeals to both young and old alike. It couldn’t be easier to bring the taste of Indonesian […]

Leftover meatloaf is the foundation of many quick,  tasty meals.  Instead of simply reheating last night’s meatloaf, chop it up and add it to a mix of three or more vegetables in a stir fry.  Use your favorite Asian seasonings while cooking and a little soy sauce at the end.  The only thing missing is […]

Italian breaded chicken breasts are so easy and so delicious you will find yourself enjoying them more and more.  You will also find that your kids love them too! Italian breaded chicken breasts are a quick and easy fix for picky kids and hungry husbands. Ingredients • Boneless skinless chicken breasts (preferably in strips, so you […]

Today’s harvesting and shipping methods have grown faster and more efficient, making fresh produce widely available even if grown thousands of miles away. From harvest to the market stand, produce is changing hands quite often and may easily be subject to bacterial contamination. For this reason, produce should always be washed before consumption. This not […]

Pizza is a mainstay of the American diet and there are literally thousands of variations. In its most basic form it can be a nutritious thing to eat but it acquired a bad reputation when the fast food industry stepped in and transformed pizza into something quite unhealthy. Still, not all pizzas are alike. There […]

The best description of a piping hot cup of black tea.’ Black as the devil, Hot as hell, Pure as an angel, Sweet as love’. Black teas are strong robust and very assertive. Black teas come from all the major tea growing countries. Chinese black tea Chinese are famous for green and oolong teas. Black […]

Wine is produced by most of the temperate countries of the world, and even a few semi-tropical countries. France, Italy, and Spain together produce nearly half of the world’s wine, ranging from dinner-table wines to dessert wines, so it is not surprising that most of the best-known wine regions of the world are in this […]

Knowing how to make homemade vegetable broth is a money saver. It also enables those with allergies to certain vegetables to change up the vegetables. Homemade broth can also be made with less salt for those who are looking to reduce the amount of sodium in their diet. Broth can be canned according to the […] › A sex- & alcohol-inspired website