Top 100 places to have sex

In a mini golf course in the cave in the middle of the day. Give it the old college try. Many couples have found places to park and enjoy a steamy makeup session in their car and some even enjoy having sex in the car. On a golf green. Against a windmill in Holland Drunkenly in the dry food storage pantry in the kitchen of a legion-type hall. We even answered questions to the teacher in the middle of it. In the bed of a pickup truck. At the table in Ruby Tuesday 7.

Top 100 places to have sex

At Harry Potter World. In a private study room at the campus library, preferably the law library. Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal. In a dive bar bathroom. Changing up the location can easily bring the spice back into your life and maybe save your relationship. The fact I lost my virginity at a Disney World resort is something to talk about, I guess. The back end of a van that was cut in half and retrofitted to look like one of those sex mobiles from the 70s And she ended up being allergic. Grassy knoll behind a Walgreens: At a house party, preferably one not attended by journalistically dishonest Rolling Stone writers. Against a windmill in Holland Unleash the sexual demons. Out in the Arizona desert. Here are some of the most ambitious stories you shared with us. Drunk in a hot tub. In the doorway of an old, closed synagogue in Cracow, Poland A moving cab after getting hammered at the Philadelphia Flower Shower for free, less because of the cab sex and more because of how strangely and unexpectedly easy it is to get hammered at the Philadelphia Flower Show. Suspended from an outdoor rock climbing wall. At the top of the Eiffel Tower 6. Radio station recording studio — neither of us worked there 5. In a tank in Iraq Driving 80 mph in the carpool lane Now for the list! Let the motion of the ocean be the motion of your ocean. The best thing to do is plan this kind of evening when there's no special occasion; do it just for a change of scenery.

Top 100 places to have sex

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  1. When you think about lying in the sun all day, drinking and enjoying the ocean waves, the thought of being by the beach is appealing to almost everyone.

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