Watching your wife have sex with another man

Sam gathered his things, and stood at the door. I never realized how common until finding sites like this and chat rooms. Gary is about to watch Nigel have sex with his wife Susan Get daily news updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Apparently, 'cuckolding' is increasing in popularity. The night was fabulous, we met amazing people, loved the friendly relaxed atmosphere and felt more than comfortable ending the night with the intentions we had in mind. She is so sexy to me and even more when she is with another man sexually. I've posted elsewhere that I've had this fantasy for a while.

Watching your wife have sex with another man

Whatever your fantasy, developing a common mental space in which you both explore and satisfy your true lusts is the only authentic way for spouses to remain lovers. Often I blindfold her and then massage her as the mostly monologue surrounds her. They have even been known to pop to the pub and leave me at home. Nothing unfaithful, and, at the time, nothing that either of us thought harmful. The next few days are a blur. What do I get for it? He knew me, he knew that I was struggling and when my words eventually came, he listened. I still loved my husband, in no way any less than before. My husband was devastated, and I was devastated I had hurt my gorgeous caring man so much. My amazing husband left a condom, and a note for us when he went to work telling us to have fun. The brain is the biggest sex organ, so keep stimulating it! By toddjohn on Sep 6, at 1: It was obvious they would have seen Sam and I interact differently than my other male friends or housemates in the past. DB Dec 14, at 4: I showed my husband, who had a little giggle, but also questioned how Sam had my number. This, in turn, stems from the cuckoo bird, which has a tendency to lay its eggs in another bird's nest. Then everything changed the night I met Sam. I was extremely shocked as this went against all of our rules, and was not something I would expect from him, but we had definitely grown over the months and had become more and more comfortable in different situations. But suddenly I felt the same for someone else. I kept it secret for so long. I feel bad sometimes as this is really out of the norm for someone like me. I will prompt feedback aimed at getting her committed to being in the scene I've created for her. Im well endowed, good looking and confident business owner but I like other men to sleep with my wife. Although extremely angry at me, he could see this was serious. For both of us, the tears were still relentless. It gave me the same thrill, maybe better, but she would give few details. This is not "weird" at all, and I encourage you to keep exploring your fantasies with your wife and having those mind-blowing orgasms!

Watching your wife have sex with another man

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Wife with Another Man (Cuckold) Fantasy

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  1. My husband allowed me to have sex with a stranger in our bedroom, while he watched us from the closet in secret. Just having a 3 way or even 5 way, as long as I'm involved.

  2. Getty Read More Woman explains how to become a 'born again virgin' — and how to avoid temptation Cal says: We both looked at each other, for what felt like eternity, both knowing we had fallen way, way too far.

  3. The sexual attraction I had built toward Sam over the weeks had become extremely strong, and I figured like most encounters at the club, once it had happened the sexual tension would ease.

  4. We often fantasize using realistic dongs and role play, but I haven't convinced her to take the plunge. Like us on Facebook.

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