What If I Can Guarantee You That You Can Date Younger Women?

Bullet is one year off 50 years old, and has ‘as he puts it’, the dubious distinction of being Love Systems oldest instructor.

However, despite Bullet’s age he has an over abundance of hot young women more than half his age sleeping with him. So, why do women half his age get so attracted to him same as liking younger men? And why do these girls get so into him and reject interest from other younger, physically better looking orbiter guys?

Bullet has worked with many of the big names worldwide in the dating coaching community in addition to Love Systems Top Dating coaches for many years. During that time he has found that many successful attraction routines designed for younger guys simply don’t work that well for older men trying to pull younger women.

For years now, Bullet has been researching and developing powerful attraction techniques for Older Men to pull Younger Women that don’t involve pretending to be rich.

It has taken years for him to structure a step by step attraction program that he can teach to any man that is willing to learn his ‘secrets’. In fact, Bullet is so secretive about these powerful attraction routines he only teaches these ‘tractor beam’ like secret attraction techniques to you on a personal one to one basis. As he says, ‘When you’re older than your target there’s less margin for error. You’ve got to have tight specialist game both in verbal and non-verbal communication and I have to personally teach that as 90% of all communication is non-verbal and its absolutely critical we get that right”.



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