Why do i have a high sex drive female

The fact that women are increasingly more sexual is no big surprise. Importantly, women with high sexual desire differed systematically from women labelled as hypersexual on a number of domains, including their having less negative behavioural consequences. In hunter-gatherer times, the main purpose in life was to procreate with as many women as possible. Sure enough, she found that testosterone was not the culprit. Story continues below advertisement Story continues below advertisement On the other hand, if you have an abundant level of sexual desire and frequently fantasize or have erotic thoughts, but these are welcome, pleasurable and do not create distress for you or your relationship , then your desire is probably completely normal. She then compared low-versus-high testosterone participants and their self-reported levels of desire.

Why do i have a high sex drive female

People often think that the desire comes first and drives people to seek out sexual pleasure, she said. Do you use sex as a way to cope with negative mood? This is where cracks start to appear. And in women, high testosterone is actually associated with less interest in sex with a partner. The finding bolsters the idea that desire for a partner is more influenced by social factors, van Anders said, while solitary desire is more innate. A study conducted last year by Marie Claire indicated that more than a third of women were watching porn at least once a week, with the digital age making it much more accessible: But there are intriguing hints that perhaps the difference in masturbation habits could explain the desire gap, van Anders said. So, a higher sex drive in women is not as uncommon as we all thought. And men also produce more testosterone than women. Knowing that your girl has a higher sex drive than most is an almost boast-worthy quality that you want to rub in the face of every man you encounter. It could be that their partner desire relates to a need to be close and connected as opposed to simply a need for pleasure, van Anders said. When married to a woman with who [has a high sex drive], they might start to feel inadequate at either a conscious or subconscious level. Over the past 18 years, doctors, researchers, the public and women themselves have asked: Gender differences Next, van Anders looked into the burning question of why men, on average, want sex more often than the average woman. Van Anders measured testosterone as well as cortisol, a hormone released in times of stress a surefire libido-killer. There's no way to tell from this research whether the desire or the masturbation comes first. It may seem strange, but the finding fits with previous evidence, van Anders said. The next step, van Anders said, is to get a better handle on the concept of desire, focusing on social factors and not just pharmaceutical fixes for low libidos. As long as your interests and activities are consensual, you should not be made to believe these signify a problem, an abnormality or a dysfunction. In men in the healthy range, an extra spurt of the "macho hormone" doesn't seem to influence interest in getting busy. In men, she found, levels of testosterone had nothing to do with how much guys thought about sex, solitary or partnered. This tendency to pathologize is partly because of our field's lack of objective markers for what constitutes "normal" versus "abnormal" sexual behaviour. The only factor that did link to gender differences was masturbation. It is often the most unexpected women who disclose to me that they have a high sex drive. She recruited volunteers from university classes and community fliers to fill out questionnaires on their relationships, their stress and moods, and their own feelings about their bodies and sexuality.

Why do i have a high sex drive female

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  1. Often, the desire follows. This tendency to pathologize is partly because of our field's lack of objective markers for what constitutes "normal" versus "abnormal" sexual behaviour.

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